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Furusjøen Rundt-rennet 2013 - Ski adventure in Rondane, Norway


Published 18th February 2013 on YouTube: "Furusjøen Rundt - Eventyret i Rondane 16. februar 2013". Produced by the Weikle brothers from Kvam, Gudbrandsdalen, in Norway. 

The ski race took place 16th February 2013. 496 participants. 45 kilometres distance. In the video film you can watch eager cross-country skiiers in a beautiful landscape at Kvamsfjellet, The Mountain of Kvam, near Rondane National Park. It`s located in the he Kingdom of Peer Gynt. The snow-white peaks of the Rondane Mountain range rise in the background.

For more information about the skiing race Furusjøen Rundt.

Kvam mountain, Kvamsfjellet, Norway:
The whole montain region, Kvamsfjellet, is a Eldorado for snowy activities, where skiing tours, sledging and ice fishing in the natural beauty are the main activities.

At Kvamsfjellet, the trails go through a varied landscape ranging from gentle mountain terrain to old pine forests. It`s also very social skiing from cabin to cabin saying hello to nice locals and sometimes be invited in for a talk and serving. All these offer skiers here unique experiences.

The Rondane National Park is Kvamsfjellet`s closest neighbour. Kvamsfjellet offer machine-groomed trails which connect to the trail network leading towards Høvringen in the north and Venabygdsfjellet in the south.

Information about skiing trails and distances at Kvamsfjellet.

Stein Morten Lund, 19th February 2013

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