Moss Norway Travel Guide. The Moss region in Norway is for genuine adventurers. It has a beautiful countryside, the ydillic peninsula of Jeløya, wooden hills and dense pristine forests. Moss offers an abundance of trails and paths, but most exciting is venture out on the off beaten tracks. Discover the Viking heritage and other historical sites.

Tomb gård farm, Råde in Norway - Fun at the Christmas market

Tomb gård,Råde,Moss,jul,Christmas

The farm was was full packed with happy people on Saturday 6th December 2014 - a colourful and lively traditional Christmas market with many Christmas gifts, figures, Christmas ornaments etc. Had a good time eating traditional Christmas food, cakes and candies. Enjoyed the riding show, chainsaw show, dog show, tractor driving and jumped in the hay in the barn.

One of the highlights was when the Princess rode around on a horse through the fog. This photo is taken by Sanna, who is 9 years old from Moss in Norway.

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Stein Morten Lund, 6th December 2014

Additional information
For more information about Tomb gård: Åpen julegård Tomb VGS

Råde is one of eighteen municipalities in the county of Østfold, centrally located to Moss. In Råde you will find many cultural sites. Saltholmen, in the village of Saltnes is perhaps the most well known places in Råde, and is accredited with being the major cultural site in the municipality. Other famous sites are the Råde church, a medieval church dating back from the 12th century, Råde Bygdetun, which comprises of several buildings from the 18th century and the 20 km long coastal trail.

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