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The rock music is dead. Long live rock`n roll!

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I dream about a new revolution in music. There was once a time when music where magic. My real music revelation started in the late 70s and early 80s when punk and new vawe rose. It was more than that: I was also fascinated about the artists calling, attitude and energy. It will never be quite the same again, or will it? Which are the artists today who bring hope for the future?

Photo. Covers of released albums from some of the today`s most promising music artists. Will they save rock`roll?

It`s hard to say that it has been a general loss of interest in music. In my home country Norway there are so many music festivals and concerts as it never have been before. In the capital Oslo there are over 5000 concerts in a year, with all kind of music, and with small and big local, national and international artists.

Music is for me a healing power, a balsam for the soul, and can sometimes bring out my wild side. It makes me generally feel great. That`s why it`s so important for me to experience the real music kick. I am now seaching desperately for music that can move my feet, lift me up, stimulate my senses and bring me to another would. I would like to find music artists that pushed the boundaries, and even better: break the boundaries and take the music to a new level (dimension). I would like to be so strong connected to the music as I was in the 80s. I would like to feel a part of it. It would be great if I found some musical pioneers that I could embrace and enjoy listening to. But where are they?

I have noticed that Music Magazines as Uncut and Mojo struggle to find new great music. Mayby it`s their problem, not the artists. Instead the magazines resirculate their own material from old archives, and turn them into "news". They are selling their magazines based on covers of great artist from the past as Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Prince and Jimi Hendrix. It`s great to honour former music heroes. They are our valuable heritage, but not our future for they who will continue their musical exploration. How many times do I have to read the same stuff about the good old artists? I have heard these artists hundred of times before. I still like to listen to them, but now I need desparetely something new. So I still asking: where are the new inspirational artists of our time that can take the music to a new level?

I think that no other musical movement has influenced so much as punk. The aftershock of punk is gone for a long time ago. I am missing a new movement of music – revolution – that can wake my musical interest again. It`s not only the music: it`s also the image and attitude.

I have to speak out! The era of the 80s is gone. I rembember the good all days with leather jackets, spiky haired make over, punching lyrics, itense noise and raw energy. It was a kind of authencity I seldom find now. To make it clear: I don`t want a ressurction of the good old times, but something new invention of rock`n roll. I am worried that Hip-Hop is taken over and rock`roll is vanishing. If rock`n roll is going to survive in the future it has to been renewed, made more clearly or totally changed.

There is no longer any bands like Elvis, the Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Blondie, The Jam, The Clash, the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Only Ones, The represent the past, but will live forever in my heart and ears. Some well established bands are still living as Queen of the Stone Age, Pixies, the Cure, Suede, System of a Down, Built to Spill, and Jesus & Mary Chain. Ufortunately I don`t expect any extraordinary from these bands releasing albums like the The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Parallell Lines, London Calling, Never Mind the Bollocks, Sound Affects, OK Computer, Dog Man Star, Keep it Like a Secret, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. These are masterpieces in my opinion. Who can match this today? 

After the 80s I still waiting for a new revolution or a new wave of music. I think rock`n roll will continue to live but not longer exist an art form and moving the culture at large forward. Maybe it will vanish and melt into all kind of music? I am not able to predict what might be coming next. There’s still some incredible new music out there from several countries, but it`s hard to find. I am searching for great atmosphere, great riffs, solid rhythms, punching lyrics and new kind of sounds.

Some of my favourites today are: Spielbergs, Hiawata, Methodist Hospital, ShadowHill, Iguana Death Cult, Battling Giants, The Noise Figures, Murder by Death, and Cloud Nothings. Clearly I said, this is rock n’ roll for the new millennium and these artists express their energy through each beat, each chord played, and each note sung. These music is best listened to loud, escaping for daily worries, partying, and perhaps brings you out of mind. Since they first caught my attention I have been listening to these bands non stop. Their albums are complete, with top rock`n roll music from start to end.

The best is yet to come. Long live rock`roll!

Stein Morten Lund, 30th August 2018

Additional comments
Digital technology has put literally every piece of recorded music at our fingertips. How has Internet influenced the creation of new music? The Buggles song in the 80s «Video Killed the Radio Star», but did the streaming service kill the LP and CD stars? The music is definetely more available than ever. Anyway I find it diffucult to find music that interests me. It`s because of the artists lack of creativity? It`s so easy to release music now in the Internet world, so many artists just mass produce music without much focus on quality, for exampel Babybird.

Some sources for musical inspirations and listening:
Uncut Magazine
Mojo Magazine


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