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Experience the heartbeating city of Liverpool. With its top football, rocking Merseyside music, joyful Irish pubs and wonderful people, the city will always be a part of travellers heart and soul.

Battle Of Spionkop

2012-03-04 Read more

Liverpool FC - "Fearless" by Pink Floyd!

2012-03-04 Read more

You`ll Never Walk Alone with lyric - Liverpool`s football hymn!

2012-03-04 Read more

You`ll Never Walk Along sung by the Kop Choir!

2012-03-04 Read more

Steve Gerrard - The Heart of Liverpool!

2012-03-04 Read more

Robbie Fowler, Liverpool - In the spirit of fair play in 1997!

2012-02-22 Read more

Bill Shankly – He Made the People Happy!

"Bill Shankly – He Made the People Happy" are the inscribed words on the statue are the words "Bill Shankly – He Made the People Happy". The statue was erected in 1997 outside The Kop to honour the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly.
2012-02-22 Read more

Footsteps of our Fathers - Liverpool Football Club!

2012-02-22 Read more

Bill Shankly, Liverpool

Liverpool supporters - One of the world`s greatest supporters!

It`s 30 years since the former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly died, also populary called Shanks. His thoughts and bright comments are still living, especially about Liverpool`s great supporters.
2011-10-15 Read more

Steve Gerrard scored an amazing goal against Hull 26.09.09

2011-12-27 Read more

Nowhere Boy - John Lennon, Beatles - Movie released 8 October 2010!

2011-12-27 Read more

John Lennon, the Beatles, Liverpool - Nowhere Boy - Movie 2009!

The movie covers the Beatle John Lennon's first years. He is Liverpool`s big son. The story is about Lennon`s adolescence and relationship with his stern aunt Mimi, who raised him, and his absentee mother Julia, who re-entered his life at a crucial moment in his young life.
2011-03-07 Read more

Bill Shankly,Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club - Famous quotes that show the genuine Liverpool spirit!

Quotes from important persons in Liverpool Football Club inspires. They tell everything about the spirit in the city and are the powerful words that really create magic. Inhabitants in Liverpool are devoted completely to football, but it`s even more than that: it`s a way of life, a religion and a burning passion.
2009-09-01 Read more

Singing the Liverpool song You`ll Never Walk Alone along with Bedouins in Jordan!

Bedouins are still practicing their old musical traditions. In a big tent far out in the desert I had with a great time playing music and singing along with them. My choice for a song was "You'll Never Walk Alone". I got the honour to introduce this song. It was amazing for me to notice how emotionally touched the Bedoins become by this song. Actually all people get affected by this song, and it`s amazing to see how it reaches across all boundaries around the world.
2005-08-15 Read more

Liverbird,Liverbirds,Liverpool,Liverpool Football

You`ll Never Walk Alone - View and hear the fantastic performance by the Norwegian tenor Marius Roth Christensen!

In the show Beat For Beat on the Norwegian Broadcasting NRK 16th October 2010, the Norwegian tenor, Marius Roth Christensen song You'll Never Walk Alone. His fantastic performance really touched the viewers, also they who support other clubs than Liverpool F.C. View, hear and enjoy beautifully Marius` singing here!
2011-01-29 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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