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Christmas party songs that boost my mood - sing along, rock and punk


Christmas music is currently played in varied content, shape and quality, something very solemnly and something less pretentious. Some of the songs get me into party spirit and others do not. Some artists sing the Christmas in and others sing it straight out. For me, Christmas carols must be rocked up to get into the best Christmas mood. Then there is nothing better than listen to Christmas songs by Stiff Little Fingers, Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, Backstreet Girls, Pogues, Goldblade ft Polystyrene and Slade.

Photo. Overwhelmed with Christmas music options now a days. What creates the best Christmas atmosphere: good old Christmas carols or songs that bring an unpretentious, energetic dose of rock`n roll? © 2017 Travel Explorations.

Christmas music should puts us all in a festive mood. Select the right music in Christmas and have fun, stay awake and not sleep. Do you like listen to the same old classic carols again, or it`s time to find something alternative to boost your spirit? Irish tones warm well in Christmas. If I need to listen to some traditional Christmas music, it must be Oíche Chiúin (in Gaelic, meaning Silent Night: "Quiet Night") with Enya, and the beautiful songs from The Bells of Dublin album by Chieftains. The beloved Irish folk group has several well-known guest artists with them on this album. The selection spans from hymns, folk music and some pop-up versions. It`s both nostalgic and modern, but first and foremost touching!

My six favourite pop-up versions of Christmas Xmas (War is Over) with John Lennon, A Winter's Talk with David Cassidy, Do They Know It's Christmas? with Band Aid (1984 version), 2000 Miles with The Pretenders, Rockin 'Around The Christmas Tree with Kim Wild and Mel Smith, and Fairytale of New York with the Pogues - Shane McGowan & Co and Kirsty MacColl. The latter mentioned is a real Christmas classic who I never get bored. It goes straight to my heart.

Later I turn up the speed with some Norwegian boogie rock. Here rips the rockin` foot up with the root. The Christmas album "Christmas Crusher" from the Norwegian band Backstreet Girls, makes me rise from the chair and rock around in the living room. Especially the song Merry Jingle swings insanely good!

It may be boring to sing the same old Christmas carols around the Christmas tree every year. Therefore, I think it's alright for some musicians to update them, give them some punch, and rock them up. It makes it easier for both younger and older generations to carry on the Christmas traditions, and not at least: get into the right Christmas mood!

A good old classic Christmas carol, performed as a hard rock version, with some modified lyrics, is Oh Come All Ye Faithful of Twisted Sister. The song City Of Christmas Ghosts by Goldblade ft Poly Styrene, rocks incredibly well, with a high sing along factor, but it also makes me reflect a about life. The song is about the melancholic side of Christmas, a time of the year as you think of lost friends. If I play Auld Lang Syne / You'll Never Walk Alone by Slade, it will guaranteed be a sing along with my companions, and maybe even the Santa will join too. These are the songs that gives me the real energetic feeling. At the same time it will keep me going through the whole Christmas season.

If I really want to get into a party mood then punk is the thing. Then I put on Stiff Little Fingers' live version of White Christmas. Bad Religion also has a tough version of this song on its Christmas song "Christmas Songs". These songs make Christmas a little less pretentious, but happier, and I want to sing along. In addition, if I hear the powerful rock version of Jingle Bells with Sex Pistols, I might put a tie around my head! And maybe I'll take some rounds around the Christmas tree as well, shouting out: "Holy Christmas" and "Peace on earth!" Only then I realise that we are really heading for a special high season. Merry Christmas!

Stein Morten Lund, 10th December 2014

Additional Information
Other Christmas songs that are worth hearing are:

  • Flowers in December - Mazzy Star (beautiful and sad song about lost love)
  • The Christmas song - Raveonettes
  • Come on Santa - Raveonettes
  • I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Sum41 (punk - for sing along at the wild parties)
  • Christmas will break your heart - LCD Soundsystem
  • In this home on ice - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The 10 Best Punk Christmas Singers (Source: OC Weekly)



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