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Amazing Places
Here we present the most exciting destinations on earth. The world is bigger than you think! Humans` explorations of earth leads to the most amazing adventures. Neither words, photograps nor films do the world`s places justice - they must been seen, heard and touched.

MS Palatia - The Pax monument at Lindesnes, Norway - World War II

The Pax monument stands on the top on a platform on a natural rock near Lindesnes Lighthouse. The monument was erected in memory of the liner M/S Palatia which was torpedoed during the Second World War. The wreck was located in 1997 by the Royal Norwegian Navy underwater search and recovery vessel Tyr.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Norway - ships sinkings, legends and ghosts

Since the Middle Ages, Lindesnes, or “headland”, as the spot was called, has been one of the most important naviagation landmarks for boats for sailing between the North and Baltic Seas. Once sailors caught sight of this distinctive landmark they could easily plan the rest of their voyage along the coast. However, the waters around Lindesnes were also feared - with good reason.

Exploration of Dracula' s chamber underneath Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary

Carefully I took step by step in the dark. In the beginning it was lightening around in the underground labirinth, but longer inside it became darker and spookier. I could hear strange sounds and observed damp rose up. I ventured some more steps, and finally I came upon a sign that stated I was now standing in the cell that held Dracula.

Top Gear, BBC - Ceaușescu Road, Romania - Greatest driving road in the world

2015-04-19 Read more

Borobudur temple, Java, Indonesia

Sunrise magic over the top of the Borobudur temple, Java, Indonesia

It was early in the morning and still dark. By using a torch we found the straightest way to the top of the Borobudur temple. There we spent some time to rest and waited patiently for the sunrise.

2015-03-09 Read more

Berlin wall

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The year 2014 is a year of remembrance, marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - a monumental day in history that led to Germany's reunification. This year is filled with events and ceremonies commemorating the fall of the wall. Now a days people flock to the remains of the Wall and Check Point Charlie.

2014-11-04 Read more

Hitler`s bunker site, Berlin

The Second World War`s "cold case" - What happened to Adolf Hitler?

The Battle of Berlin ended the Second World War the 8th May 1945. The most important thing was that it finally become peace, but neither the Russians or the allied could lift the biggest trophy of it all: Der Furer Adolf Hitler - dead or alive! No other persons have ever caused such mass hysteria around the world and so many conspiracy theories than Hitler.

2014-11-04 Read more


The age of Vikings started earlier than assumed - Discovery of Salme Ship Burials, Estonia

Archaeologists in Estonia have done a sensational discovery: a mass grave comprising two Viking ship burials. The history about the Viking has to be rewritten. The Salme ships are two pre-Viking era clinker-built ships that were discovered in 2008 near Salme village in Saaremaa, Estonia. Both ships were used for ship burial around AD 750 and contained the remains of more than 40 warriors killed in battle, as well as numerous weapons and other artifacts.

2014-01-21 Read more

The road to the Amazon, Peru

2014-01-21 Read more

Gdansk harbour,Poland

Gdansk harbour in Poland - The rise of Lech Walesa and Solidarity

Think Gdansk and think home of Solidarity: the labor union that struck a shipyard and started a movement that eventually led to the fall of Communism in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

2013-12-15 Read more

Walesa. Man of Hope - Movie trailer

2013-12-15 Read more

Lech Walesa - "The Man who Broke the Iron Curtain"

2013-12-15 Read more

Lech Walesa coming movie,Gdansk,Poland

Lech Walesa - The movie "Walesa. Man of Hope"

It was at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk where it all started! Lech Walesa`s strong leadership of Poland’s Solidarity movement punched the first cracks in the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain almost ten years before the fall of the Berlin Wall (9th November 1989). The fall of the Soviet Union happened in in December of 1991 which disintegrated into fifteen separate countries.

2013-12-15 Read more


Gdansk, Poland - Christmas joy to the fullest 2013

The magic of Christmas was very much alive in Gdansk, especially in the old town. Streets, houses, bars, restaurants and shops windows were full of Christmas decorations. The most visible evidence of the Christmas celebration in Gdansk was the beautiful decorated and lightened Christmas tree on the Dluga Street.

2013-12-15 Read more


Sunrise in Gdansk, Poland - Christmas Celebration has started!

Sunrise in Gdansk, Poland, admired through an open window from my hotel room in the 14th floor (Sunday 2nd Advent 8th December 2013). Even with cold strong winds in periods, it was a great christmas atmosphere here with snow covering the architectural wonders in the beautiful old town. Gdansk is also the city where the Second World War started (first battle) and where the Solidarity movement arose tearing down the Iron Curtain.

2013-12-10 Read more

Meeting the Mudmen
in Papua New Guinea

See the video HERE

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