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Welcome to the Travel Explorations Investor Relations site. Here we provide information for existing and potential shareholders. Travel Explorations has been a publicly held company since June of 2000. For they who are interested in sharing our vision to be a leading global travel guide and agent are welcome to contact us for further dialog. We look for long term thinking investors and business partners who are interested in taking part of our growth.
Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information:

  • How long has Travel Explorations been in business?
  • How many employees does Travel Explorations have?
  • How does Travel Explorations earn its revenue?
  • Whom does Travel Explorations use for its auditors?

Financial Reporting and Stock Information:
Detailed information will be given based on request from potential investors and business partners.

For information about Travel Explorations for investment purposes and cooperation, please contact us on e-mail:


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