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Here we present the world`s biggest mysteries. Humans` search lead to the most amazing experiences, explorations and discoveries.

Oak Island, Halifax, Canada – Is the mystery finally solved?

From the Davincy code to the Shakespeare code. The Oak Island`s Money Pit, Halifax in Canada, is the site of the world's longest running hunt for lost treasure. The two Norwegian authors, Petter Amundsen and Erlend Loe, of the book Organisten, claim to have proved that William Shakespeare stands behind the big mystery. Their theory is that Shakespeare represented a group of scientists and poemers, and that they buried some of Shakespeare’s manuscripts underground on Oak Island because that they were controversial at that time.

Photo. The causeway out to Oak Island, Halifax, Canada. What is underground there? © Travel Explorations.

The world’s history’s biggest treasure hunt began on Oak Island in 1795 when a teenager discovered a man-made underground shaft. Since then it has been called the Money Pit. For hundreds of years, treasure hunters have ventured to Nova Scotia, Canada and tried to recover the treasure which is protected by a series of ingeneous traps.

There are several theories about who have made the shaft and tunnels. Some of the most popular are:
• Sir Francis Bacon
• Folklore & ghosts
• Stone Formations
• Blackbeard
• Captain Kidd
• Natural Formation
• The Vikings
• The British
• William Phips
• The Freemasons
• The Knights Templar
• Rennes le Chateau
• Ancient Egypt
• Incas

It was early believed Captain William Kidd or other pirates hide their treasure on Oak Island, but new theories hold that undiscovered manuscripts of Shakespeare are in the shaft which regularly floods.

The Norwegian book Organisten was issued 2006 based on the Petter Amundsen`s research. Amundsen is a organist in a church in Oslo. For few years ago he solved another mystery in Denmark. Amundsen is an expert of solving codes. In his book about Oak Island there is a theory that the actual author of Shakespeare's plays is Francis Bacon; he would have the necessary knowledge and "inside information" on royalty to write such masterpieces. He would also have the necessary motive to hide these plays, which challenge the notion of "divine right of rulers". Bacon would have necessary contacts to be able to have them buried in such a way Bacon once wrote of preserving manuscripts in mercury. Shakespeare's books are full of hidden codes, now solved by the Norwegian Petter Amundsen.

Photo. Map over Oak Island where the Money Pit is marketed out.

There has been found traces of mercury at the Oak Island pit site. None of the original manuscripts of the plays are found, so the search for these still continues. Could they be hidden some place underground at Oak Island?

Amundsen`s research indicate towards a buried treasure on Oak Island. He got permission from Triton Alliance, located a spot a specific distance southwest of Cone E of Frederick Nolan's Cross. He went to the island in 2003, and found two buried stones at the marks he had pointed out from his research. This find has been covered in the Rolling Stone Magazine.

A Norwegian film crew has told it has made a thrilling discovery on Oak Island, one that links the famed island to a secret society that dates back hundreds of years. The crew spent three days filming on Oak Island.

William Shakespeare, who lived from 26 April 1564 – 23 April 1616, was an English poet and playwright. He is considered as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. Shakespeare is often called England's national poet and the Bard of Avon or simply The Bard. Perhaps Shakespeare took big secrets with him into the grave? He was buried in the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church two days after his death.

Keith Ranville is another person who claims to have solved Oak Island riddle. Read his historical research credits for descriptively translating the Money pit symbols and for ciphering the Oak Island stone triangle that lead to discovering Oak Island's latest discovery the Birch Island treasure triangle for more information on Oak Islands exclusive new research theories, discoveries and treasure news concerning new methods on solving the Oak Island treasure mystery please view this site it's about a Canadian Heritage project.

The website Oak Island Treasure has announced that Oak Island Tours Inc. - Dan Blankenship and the Michigan Group, has received the Treasure Trove License formerly owned by Oak Island Exploration Company. The team are planning to move forward with exploration in the very near future. Read more on: www.oakislandtreasure.co.uk

Strange man made artefacts have been recovered from the pit over the years, but until this day, the treasure still remains buried. Pirates, the Knights Templar or Francis Bacon, no one is sure exactly who created this mysterious Money Pit or why. It`s too early to make a final conclusion before the big treasure is found, if there is a treasure there at all!

Stein Morten Lund, 2 March 2008

Additional information
Read more about Oak Island on our global travel guide www.TravelExplorations.com

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